Technical Tours

The Deep Rock Tunnel Pump Station, shown under construction in this February 2017 photo, is scheduled for completion in November 2017. 

New for WWETT Show 2018

The WWETT Show is pleased to be working with Citizen's Energy Group to offer Technical Tours to show attendees.

Citizens Energy Group is a broad-based utility service company that provides natural gas, thermal energy, water, and wastewater services to about 800,000 people and thousands of businesses in the Indianapolis area.

Two tours are being offered. One is to the Deep Rock Tunnel Pump Station (pictured above), which is nearing completion and will be in service by February, 2018.  This pump station is part of Citizens Energy Group's landmark DigIndy tunnel system. The first section of the tunnel is nine miles long, 90 million gallons, and will be in-service by the end of calendar year 2017.  The Deep Rock Tunnel Pump Station is 250 feet underground and includes four, 30 MGD pumps that will pump wastewater from storage tunnel to the Southport Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The other tour is to the Secondary Treatment System and Control Room at the Belmont Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Plant has a capacity of 300 million gallons per day (MGD) and accepts flows from a combined sewer system.  The secondary treatment system includes an air nitrification system installed in 2012 and an oxygen nitrification system that was constructed in 1967. The oxygen nitrification system was converted to an air nitrification system in 2012 and expanded to handle wet weather flows of 300 MGD.

Technical Tours

Tours are taking place on Friday, February 23. The Belmont tour will be offered once. The Deep Rock tour will be offered twice for the benefit of those who would like to attend both tours. Space on the tours is limited, so please register early to secure your spot.

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